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About Us

Soft Security Solutions was established to provide IT support for the needs of your home and business. Our operations comprise of a team of customer service agents and qualified IT technicians, providing a combination of services that allow you to be at ease knowing that we will take care of any issues that you are having with your computer.

We are here to support our customers whenever they need us. We ensure that all your IT services are running efficiently with minimum possibility of any down time so that you can carry on with your business as usual.

How do we provide support to our customers throughout Europe? Easy, we operate a service which allow our technicians to work on your computer remotely, direct from our IT centre. You will see everything on your screen the technician does to resolve your issues, our remote support offers immediate response which removes any unnecessary delays and tackle the threats instantly.

Our remote IT Support service enables us to assist home and businesses whose workforces need a quick and efficient response when technical issues arise. Providing a fast and efficient service is something we pride ourselves on, our end point protection service allows us to monitor threats to your computer for 24/7 365 days per year, making our customers comfortable knowing that that they are fully protected from online threats.


What We Offer

Soft Security Solutions have developed a trusted reputation in the software and tech industry, building solid reputations with our customers and with all of the major software companies.

  • Antivirus Softwares
  • CRM Software
  • Desktop Applications
  • Open source software
  • IT online Assistance
  • Applications Design
  • Web site Creation

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